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Frequently Asked Questions  

What kind of dance does Sapnay Dance teach?
Styles include: Hindi Film (Bollywood), Folk Dance and Bhangra. Dance styles are more Indian then western (music, moves etc). However, it is also very dependent on the type of music that is selected.
Where are classes held?
We currently offer classes in 2 Bay Area locations:
Milpitas: 1264 S. Abel St. Milpitas, CA 95035 (2nd floor, Next to the Karate classes)
San Jose: Pala Mesa Dr, San Jose, CA 95123 (Blossom Valley Area; Near Kaiser Permanente)
How often are classes?
Classes are currently once a week for 1 hour. If we are working towards a performance we add in one day during the week for rehearsals a few weeks prior to the show. If you are interested in more on-going sessions on a weekly basis, we can definitely work with you. Please be sure to mention this in the Comments section.
How much do you charge?
Our advertised sessions are $10 per class for pre-registered students. Drop-ins are always welcome at $12 per class. Private class fees vary based on age, number of students, number of sessions and level of choreography.
How many weeks does a session last?
Bollywood Dance sessions currently run for 12 weeks, whereas Bollywood Workout and Raas/Garba sessions are monthly and last for 4 weeks.
What is the typical format of a one-hour class?
We start by spending 5 minutes on stretching those tense muscles. Then, we spend 5-7 minutes warming up and getting loose followed by a quick review of what we've learned the week before. We then jump into learning new choreography for that class. We usually have a (water) break at the half hour mark.
Are parents allowed while the class is going on (for Kids and Teens classes)?
We generally prefer parents to drop off kids and not stay in class, only because it helps the kids focus on the class rather then be attached to the parent. Or often times the kids are unusually shy because their parents are around. However, we do encourage parents to drop in towards the end of class (10 minutes or so before the end of class) to see their kids perform.
Do you also arrange stage performance for the Kids classes? If so, how often and where?
We most definitely encourage stage performances and try to arrange for upcoming performances. If you are aware of any events/shows/competitions prior to registration that you are interested in having your kid perform at, please do let us know while registering in the "Comments" section. Please be aware that the instructor will make a decision, at the end of the session, whether the student or group is ready for a stage performance.
If the session has already started, can I still enroll?
Of course. You can always register for a class mid session or drop-in and feel it out before you decide to register. Our registration and drop-in fees are listed on the Schedule page.

We encourage you to enroll on or before the first day of class to avoid late registration fees.
May I video tape the session to practice at home?
No Video taping of the instructor is allowed. You must get explicit permission from Sapnay Dance for any video taping during a workshop, private class or group session.
Is there a make-up class if I miss a class?
We do not offer make-up classes for any missed classes. However, we will do our best to help you catch up on what you missed in follow-on sessions.
Can I benefit from a promotion if I do not show up on the first day of class?
You MUST be present on the first day of class to redeem a promotion and take advantage of the discounts. If you miss the first day of a class you pre-registered for, all applicable promotions will be nullified and you will have to pay the regular fees.
Can I redeem more than one promotion?
You can redeem only ONE promotion offer per person per session.

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